The UK property market has changed considerably in recent years, which has led to many pressing situations. With more and more people struggling to make their way onto the property ladder, there is a great deal to be said for renting property. In an ideal world, people would be able to obtain a mortgage that would allow them to buy a house, but this isn’t the situation for many people. The increased need and demand for rental properties have created a situation where more property and landlords are needed so people can rent homes.

Whether someone has a spare property that they can let out or buy with the intention of letting out a property (buy-to-let market), landlords need to know what the role entails. Being a landlord may seem like an easy way to make money but there are many requirements, there are administrative roles and there is a need to provide a high standard of service. Electricians To Look After Tenants

Regardless of whether a landlord manages a property on their own or hires a property management company, they will need to rely on the support of experts and professionals in a variety of fields in order to keep it in good condition. At Upkeepone, we are more than equipped to provide you with the best electrician to care for your home.

Electricians help landlords look after their property and tenants

One of the most important people that a landlord can call on is an electrician, and there are a number of services that electricians can offer to landlords to ensure that they provide the best standard of service to their tenants.

The legal obligations with respect to electrical standards that a landlord must offer, include:

  • That all electrical installations, such as light fittings and sockets, are safe when tenants move in.
  • That all electrical installations are maintained in good condition through
  • That all supplied appliances, such as kettles and cookers, are safe and have (at the very least) the CE marking
  • That period inspections are carried out
  • That a registered electrician carries out an inspection every five years (currently, this is only a legal requirement if the property is a house in multiple occupancies, HMO

These are all services that the landlord themselves shouldn’t carry out, it is too important a matter. There is nothing wrong with landlords carrying out some jobs by themselves if they are up to the task. A landlord should pursue anything which saves money without compromising on quality or effectiveness but short term savings on not hiring an electrician may actually turn out to be rather costly.

A failure to meet and adhere to the legal requirements when it comes to electrical appliances and elements could see a landlord lose rent, lose their reputation and face serious punishments in crime. Furthermore, if something were to occur in a property as a result of a landlord failing in their responsibilities, they would be held responsible for the consequences for the rest of their lives.

This is why employing the services of an electrician to review the property and carry out any work required is of great assistance.

Electricians offer peace of mind.

Of all the best reasons to choose from the finest selection of electricians London has to offer, peace of mind comes at the top of the list. There will always be times when you don’t need to have the highest standard of work carried out, but when people’s lives could be at risk, there is never any excuse for skimping on quality.

Some cheap electricians can provide a high standard of service, so there is no need to think that you need to pay an excessive amount of money to care for your property, but there is a need to ensure that you find effective electricians that offer value for money.

If an electrical emergency occurs, there will be a need to call on emergency electricians, but on the whole, landlords will find that they can minimise the likely impact of electrical issues at their property by calling on a local electrician to carry out regular tests of their property. At Upkeepone, we aim to provide the best standard of local electricians to help you care for your tenanted home.

While landlords need to find value for money in everything they do, there are times when calling on the experts makes sense and will pay off in the long run. The legal requirements for a landlord associated with electrical issues ensure that they call on professional electricians for help. Still, the level of comfort and peace of mind that comes from calling on the experts will ensure that all landlords can benefit from developing a good relationship with a local electrician.

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