Although electricity has literally changed the world as we know it, as beneficial as it is, that does not mean that it should be taken for granted or taken lightly. Electricity is incredibly dangerous, and failing to respect it can potentially lead to loss of life. Earth bonding installations are a great way of helping to ensure your electrical appliances are safe and reliable, but even so, when it comes to electricity, being careful and safe is so, so important for a whole host of different reasons. The good news is that, although electricity is very dangerous, if you do treat it with care and respect, you can be incredibly safe and well looked after. Although we may think that we’re experts when it comes to electrical safety, in reality, there is a great deal that we almost certainly do not know. To help keep you, and those around you, safe and well looked after when it comes to electricity, here are a few simple and effective electrical safety tips that you should be implementing almost instantaneously.

Unplug electrical appliances when not in use – When we finish playing on games consoles or listening to music on the radio, we generally don’t even turn the appliances off at the wall, and instead simply switch them onto standby. Switching electrical appliances to standby, however, can be very dangerous as they are still alive and are still getting power, which makes them much more of a risk. By unplugging them at the wall, however, they are getting no power and are therefore not a risk. This is not only a great way of helping to keep you safe, but it is also a great way of cutting your electricity bills in the process, as the more items you unplug at night, or when you leave the house, the less power you are using and so the less money you will spend on your bills.Electrical Earth Bonding Wiring Installations

Don’t overload sockets – Virtually every house in the UK will have an extension lead and socket with multiple plug sockets, and whilst these devices are perfectly safe if used correctly, you simply must ensure that you don’t overload them and try running too many items from each one. Say, for example, you have your extension lead plugged in with 4 free sockets, you cannot plug another extension lead into the original, in the hope of giving yourself even more outlets. This is a guaranteed way of overloading the system which could lead to a house fire. If possible, only use one plugin one socket, and if not, never go crazy with the extension cables.

Examine plugs and sockets regularly – Another great way of ensuring that your electrical appliances are working safely and correctly is the regularly examine them by hand. Take a look at the plugs themselves, as well as the wall sockets and the outlets. If they feel unusually hot to the touch, this could set alarm bells ringing. On top of that, look for any signs of burning or melting of the plastic, and also use your nose and see if you can smell any sign of burning. If you do detect anything unusual, unplug the items immediately and hire professional electricians to sort the issues out for you.

Never run wires under carpets or floors – Although cables and wires can look messy and unsightly, there are devices you can purchase that are designed to make them neat and tidy. Never run cables and wires under carpets or floors because not being able to see them means that you have no kind of idea what kind of shape they are in. Rodents or insects could potentially chew on the wires and all it takes is one exposed live wire and you have a recipe for disaster.

Never hammer nails into walls in your home – Although you may think that putting up a picture or a mirror is no big deal, by hammering a metal nail into your wall, or drilling into your wall, you have no idea whether or not there are any live wires behind the plaster, which means that you could potentially hammer or drill right into it, and then give yourself a shock that could potentially be fatal. Always hire qualified electrician to take care of those type of jobs for you, as they have special devices that can detect live currents.

Don’t have too many electrical appliances in your bathroom – If you’ve ever wondered why most bathrooms only have one or two plug sockets, it’s because water and electricity do not mix, and as you know, bathrooms get humid and steamy which could potentially cause a fire when mixed with electricity. If you do insist on radio or stereo in your bathroom so that you can relax and listen to music, make sure you unplug it when you are finished. When it comes to electrical safety, although earth bonding installations are very popular and beneficial, you should never leave anything to chance where water and electricity are concerned. If you are not sure, you should get a qualified local electrician to fix your issues.

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