Repairing taps can be costly, but you can avoid if you follow these tips below. A leaking tap can waste approximately 24,000 litres of water each year, and it is hard to find a trustworthy and fully insured plumber to perform tap repairs. Guide to water tap repairs

There are generally two types of tap: monobloc lever taps and traditional taps and that control flow and temperature with a single handle. Normally traditional taps drip because a rubber seal or an internal washer has actually damaged and needs replacing. Monobloc lever taps have ceramic cartridges that occasionally need to be changed. The more pricey the tap, the more expensive and evasive the replacement cartridge.

Here are the tips: 

  • Repairing and installing up new taps is possible for the DIY crowd, but those less confident can be assured a top-quality result by leaving it to professional plumbers. Sometimes, amateurs do not connect the plumbing correctly, cannot seal the taps onto the basin in properly, use the incorrect fittings, or it ends up running in reverse, with the hot water coming from the cold tap and vice versa.
  • When your taps get older, and the seals start breaking, and you cannot appear to prevent them from leaking, a new tap will allow you to start from scratch with a new look. Even if there is not anything incorrect with your taps, you might wish to modernise the design to provide your kitchen or bathroom with a different look.
  • The majority of dripping taps can be resolved by simply replacing the washer. This must be fixed without delay to avoid unpleasant stains on sinks/baths because the problems will get critical, and the seating of the taps will need replacement.
  • Some older taps which are brass may experience from old age by developing cavities and becoming porous. If this is the fact, then the taps will require replacing.
  • When you purchase new taps, check if they are the ideal type for your system. If you install high-pressure (mains) taps on a low-pressure, gravity-fed hot water system, it could reduce water flow, especially in a bath.
  • The shower taps typically begin to drip when a few of their inner parts wear down and need changing with new. Another problem which might cause not a proper performance of your shower tap is not maintained water pressure of your plumbing system. Maintaining a well-controlled water pressure in your plumbing system is very important. If you do not control your water pressure, your plumbing system will struggle with excessive water pressure, which will lead to speeding up, forcing, and damaging of the internal valve parts of your shower. Apart from water pressure, another reason for leaking shower taps is the amortisation of the parts, which is unavoidable over time.
  • Early treatment of the issue is also best for your taps and shower, as the issue will just get worse and those in hard water locations are likely to experience more of the build-up of calcium on their taps and shower heads. This can be undesirable and absolutely stops the taps working too.
  • Dripping taps are frequently caused by over-tightening of the washer seals. If you have a tap that is leaking, then try not to over tighten it when turning the tap off otherwise you might make the leak worse.
  • A leaking tap can also cause water damage to the walls, floor or the cupboards. Before that occurs, it is essential to get the help of a professional tap repair company. They will be able to detect the issue immediately and can replace or repair the tap.

There is nothing even worse than a dripping or leaking tap. Should you experience your taps, have become tight while turning on or a leaking tap washer. Hiring a plumber will be the ideal option. Upkeepone repair team can repair various makes and models. At Upkeepone, tap repair team can perform all the kitchen, bathroom, and shower taps repair and installation. 

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