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Upkeepone can carry out your LPG inspection and provide you with the LPG certificate to comply with the current legislation.

Another key point, LPG safety certificates are necessary when trading with the public at any event or on fixed sites. Having a certificate shows your customers that you care about their safety and that you are a reliable and well-managed business. In fact, holding a valid certificate is a legal requirement.

Therefore, if you need a certificate for the LPG gas appliances for your mobile catering, caravan, coffee van, mobile trailer, boat and holiday home, call now. On the positive side, at all the engineers are registered with gas safe.

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Useful link: NCASS

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Prices / Costs- LPG Certificate

( Please note, our prices may vary depending on the appliances and locations)

LPG Certificate/ report was £170 now from £130 for any properties ( a cylinder and pipework only).

** With 1 appliance , cylinder , pipework and a complete certificate /report was £205 now from £155 for any properties.**

In fact, if you have more than 1 appliance we charge extra for each additional appliance, the price was £65 now from £45.

Other prices

(Only includes Cylinder and Pipework)

Mobile catering/Burger van was £205 now from £155.

Holiday homes- was from £205, now from £155.

Boat – was from £205, now from £155.

Caravan – was from £205, now from £155.

  • Our all prices are subject to VAT.

Most noteworthy, why should you compromise on safety? Please contact now to book an appointment.

Legal requirement

In general, you will need to ensure that all fixed LPG gas appliances are serviced and checked every year by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Also, it’s important that your gas engineer is qualified to work on your property type and the appliance itself. For instance, if you’ve got an LPG boiler on your boat, the engineer will need to be registered to work on boats, boiler and LPG.

Important tips: 

  • Notably, gas bottles / cylinder be kept a minimum distance away from ignition sources. Certainly, this reduces the risk of fire in the unlikely event of a gas leak, or during delivery when small amounts of LPG can escape into the air.
  • Another key point, make sure you check the equipment’s condition before each use. If the gas canister seal looks damaged, or if the cylinder is rusty or deteriorated, don’t use it.
lpg gas safety certificate for catering trailer


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Frequently Asked Questions

Liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG, such as propane or butane. Certainly, it is a flammable fuel that’s used in heating appliances, cooking equipment, and vehicles. E.g. LPG in camping equipment, BBQ’s, and patio heaters, and also frequently used in dwellings like caravans, cabins, boats and rural homes.

No, You should only use LPG cylinders in well ventilated outdoor areas – never indoors. Keep the LPG cylinder upright with its relief valves clear.

Yes but the engineer will need to be registered to work on your property type and the appliance itself.

You must keep your LPG tank at least 3m away from the buildings, boundaries and fixed sources of ignition.

Normally, carbon monoxide produced by incomplete burning of LPG or natural gas. It can if the gas appliances have been incorrectly fitted, poorly maintained or badly repaired. It can also occur if vents, chimney or flues are blocked.

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