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Upkeepone has registered non-domestic EPC register to carry out surveys per legislation. Also, produce the non-domestic EPC certificate report in electronic form. Most importantly, an energy performance certificate (EPCs) tell you how energy effective a building structure is and on the positive side, award it a rating from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient).

Another critical point, the non-domestic EPC will also state what the energy performance rating could be if you could carry out improvements, and highlights affordable methods to accomplish a much better rating. Besides, if you lease your commercial building, some enhancements noted on the EPC might be worth your while – such as switching over to even more energy-efficient light bulbs.

Expressly, at Upkeepone, a group of non-domestic energy register can offer useful details on methods to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial building. Most importantly, you will receive helpful advice such as draught-proofing windows and doors, to better measures such as alternative heating and eco-friendly innovation.

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Prices / Costs- Non-Domestic EPC Certificate ( NDEPC )

Inspection for Non-Domestic  EPC / Commercial energy performance certificate with qualified register-

Up to 40 m² (430.556 ft²) from £125,

Between 41 m² (430.556 ft² to 51m² (538.196 ft²) from £148.

51m² ( 548.959 ft²) to 250m² ( 2690.98 ft² ) from £195,

251m² ( 2701.74 ft² ) to 400m² ( 4305.56 ft² ) from £235,

401m² ( 4316.33 ft² ) to 600m² ( 6458.35 ft² ) from £285,


651m² ( 7007.31 ft² ) to 1000m²  (10763.9 ft²) from £335

+ 20p for each additional m² / 10.7639 ft²

All prices are subject to VAT.*

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Legal responsibility:

Notably, all commercial properties are available in the UK to buy or rent have to have a commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Therefore, if you own an investment building, getting an energy performance inspection carried out could help you identify methods to save money on your energy expenses.

To clarify, from 1st October 2008, all non-domestic/ commercial buildings on construction, sale and rent will require a Non-Domestic / commercial Energy Performance Certificate (NDEPC) and a Recommendation Report (RR).

Moreover, this information will help property owners and tenants make their building more energy-efficient and allow potential buyers and tenants to compare the energy performance of different buildings.

First, it stated from 6th April 2008 for buildings with a floor area of 10000m². Second, In July 2008, this has extended to buildings with a floor area of 2500m².

Furthermore, From October 2008, all larger public/commercial buildings requires an annual Display Energy Certificate (DEC) highlighting their energy performance.

To be sure, you will need to display it prominently, so it is visible to the public. In general, these buildings will also require an Advisory Report (AR), providing recommendations for energy improvements every seven years. Contact now and get your NDEPC.

Non-domestic energy performance certificate ( EPC )


  • EPC survey for commercial tenants
  • All property- EPC rating check.
  • Non-domestic energy assessors.

  • Office 

  • Old Building

  • Hotels

  • Restaurent

  • Pub

  • Commercial EPC Certificate for all other buildings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Specifically, a non-domestic EPC should be provided to a prospective buyer or tenant at the earliest opportunity and no later than when you conducted a viewing or gave written information about the building. In fact, if no marketing takes place, you must provide before entering into a contract to sell or let.

Indeed, It is in accordance with the EPC register.

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