What is gas safe register?

The Gas Safe Register is the main gas registration body for the UK, Isle of Man and Guernsey, designated by the appropriate Health and Safety Executive for each area. By law, all gas engineers who carry out any gas work must be registered with the Gas Safe.

On 1st April 2010, Gas Safe replaced CORGI (The Council for Registered Gas Installers ) as the gas registration body in Northern Ireland and Guernsey and Great Britain and the Island of Man on 1st April 2009.

Who operates the Gas Safe Register?

It is operated by Ancillary Solutions Limited and Capita Gas Registration, a division of Capita Plc.Gas Safe Register

Why you should use registered engineers:

By law, the engineer must have to be on the Gas Safe Register website to carry out gas work in the UK, Island of Man and Guernsey. For more information, please visit the gas safe register website.

If someone other than a Gas Safe Engineer does the gas work in your dwelling, you could be jeopardising the safety of your family and your home. Poorly fitted and partly serviced gas appliances can cause carbon monoxide gas poisoning, gas leaks, fires and explosions.

The Gas Safe Register controls the register of businesses and operatives qualified to undertake liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas work in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and the Island of Man and Guernsey. Under the Regulations, 1998 for a gas engineer to carry out gas work legally that is within the scope of the Gas safety Regulations, they should be on the Gas Safe Register.

The performance of the Gas Safe is measured against a series of KPI’s ( Key Performance Indicators) that keep an eye on the key aspects of delivery of the scheme, such as customer awareness of gas safety risk, engineer and consumer satisfaction with the service fulfilled by the gas engineers and the targeting of the scheme’s efforts in the areas where it will have the biggest impact. The KPI’s are kept track of on a regular basis, with yearly targets, and there are legal and financial associations if the Gas Safe fails to date the objectives set.

Gas Safe Register is here to help keep you and your family safe. We encourage you to trust the triangle– it’s a sign your gas engineer can safely work on your gas appliances.

The engineers will often have a range of certifications that allow them to perform particular kinds of gas work. It is very important to check what work they are qualified to do before you use them.

All registered gas engineers have an ID card. They have a different licence number that you can use to check they are still on the register. You can inspect online or call on 0800 408 5500.

When a gas meter is installed, the engineer should have a suitable level of knowledge and must also be registered with Gas Safe. In addition to these obligations, the organisation or engineer should be an Ofgem Approved Gas Meter Installer (OAMI) for the relevant category of meter works (COP1c, COP1a and COP1c) excludes Northern Ireland.

There will be a time-limited probationary period for new engineers and businesses. It applies to engineers and businesses that have no prior experience or records of hazardous gas work and those returning to the gas industry. They will be required to report all gas work they perform during that duration so engineer can review it.

Keep your home safe. Get your cooker, fire safety and boiler tested every year. Get them serviced routinely by a registered engineer. Set a warning, so you remember to Stay Safe.