A gas safety record is known as a certificate that is required by the law to be held for all rental accommodations in the United Kingdom; basically in every household where the gas appliances are available. The law requires all of the gas appliances in a rented property to be checked on a yearly basis, with a gas safety record being completed and its copy to be rendered to the tenants.Gas safety check guide uk

You must also record each safety check and ensure that a yearly gas safety check is conducted on every appliance. Landlords are legally liable for providing their tenants’ safety in relation to the gas safety of their clients. Thus by law, you must ensure that you repair and maintain gas pipework, flues and appliances in a safe working condition the best landlords gas safety certificate.

What Is A Gas Check?

A gas check incorporates the Gas Safe Registered engineer assessing your gas appliances’ safety and checking and ensuring that the system is operating as it should.

They will, therefore check the following key areas:

  • Ventilation passages are not entirely blocked and are in complete working order.
  • The safety devices are operating in full swing and the most efficient working condition.
  • Harmful gases are transferring clearly outside of the house.
  • The appliance is burning at the right operating pressure.
  • Landlords have a duty of care to their tenants to make their properties gas safe by getting a gas safety certificate after every 12 months. The law enforces this under the Gas Safety Regulations 1998.
  • It is always vital to check the lease as some of the commercial properties hold the tenants responsible for arranging this yearly check after the initial valid certificate are expired.

Landlords by law are responsible for the safety of their tenants. The duties of the landlords extend to a wide a variety of accommodations occupied under a license.

The responsibilities of the client include:


Pipework, appliances and flues that should be maintained in a safe condition. The gas appliances should be checked according to the instruction of the manufacturer. If these are not available, it is recommended that they are well services on a yearly basis unless it is stated otherwise.

Gas Safety Checks

A yearly gas safety check should also be conducted one each gas appliance. A gas safety check will ensure that all the appliances and fittings are safe and healthy to use.


Another important thing is that the yearly gas safety check must be rendered to your tenant within the first month of the check is completed or the new tenants move in. Landlords thus make sure that all the copies are kept safe and sound; the gas safety record should be kept safely for two years.

A yearly gas safety certificate will ensure that the installations and appliances are safe to use and compliant with the gas safety regulations. Gas safety certificates compromise a full safety inspection of up to three gas appliances, such as your gas fire, cooker or boiler.

At the inspection, the gas appliance’s overall physical condition, installation, pipework etc. are checked. The right amount of performance tests are carried out effectively well.

Protect Your Family

Moreover, you must also ensure that you do not put your family at risk or in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure that your gas appliances and safety are checked on a yearly basis. It is the only way that you will know that your home is safe and sound.

Under the gas safety regulations, landlords are responsible for ensuring the safety of all the gas appliances and installations in their rented property. Their tenants should also be safe from all sorts of danger from them.

Therefore, this means that you are legally required to have all the gas installations, and appliances in your rented property checked every year and, therefore, hold a gas safety certificate.

Gas safety integrated a complete inspection of the installation and up to three gas appliances such as the gas fire, boiler and cooker. Any extra appliances can be checked further for a fee.


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